Vanderpump rules season 9? (2023)

Does Raquel really work at Sur 2023?

Behind Ariana's back, Tom Sandoval hooked up with yet another cast member, Raquel, and she actually does work at SUR.

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Are Sandoval and Raquel still together?

The Affair of the Lightning-Bolt Necklace. Hours before the Vanderpump Rules season-ten finale aired, the couple at the heart of #Scandoval had reportedly called it quits. “Raquel dipped out,” a source told “Page Six.” “Sandoval is not the one for her.”

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Are Jax and Brittany still together?

One of the only VPR couples still together, Jax and Brittany welcomed their first child—son Cruz—in April 2021 a year after they walked away from the show.

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When did Ariana find out about Tom?

It's the moment "Vanderpump Rules" fans have been eagerly anticipating all season long: Ariana Madix confronts Tom Sandoval after discovering that he cheated on her with their co-star, Raquel Leviss, in the Season 10 finale of the Bravo show.

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Are Ariana and Tom still together?

Have you checked in on the Bravo fan in your life lately? Chances are that they, like the rest of the Bravoverse, have been in a state of chaos ever since TMZ broke the news in March that Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had broken up after nine years together.

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Do Tom and Ariana still live together?

While Madix and Sandoval have been exes for a couple of months now, they still live in the same home, she told The Times. She said they “don't cross paths” as they stay in separate rooms and “communicate with a third party.”

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Are Ariana and Katie opening a sandwich shop?

Vanderpump Rules stars Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney are opening a new sandwich shop in West Hollywood called Something About Her, at 640 N Robertson Blvd. The new restaurant is moving into the former home of Flower Burger, which closed in the summer of 2022.

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Is Schwartz and Sandy's successful?

In the wake of Scandoval, Tom Sandoval's restaurant Schwartz & Sandy's is thriving — even though everyone there is 'Team Ariana'

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How much is Raquel from Vanderpump Rules worth?

Raquel Leviss – US$30 million

The California native first appeared on the show's fifth season and since then has reportedly amassed an impressive Life & Style-estimated US$30 million fortune, making her the second wealthiest on this list.

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Are Katie and Satchel still dating?

When reunion host Andy Cohen asked Katie if she was “still seeing Satchel,” she confirmed that the two had parted ways.

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Are Tom and Ariana engaged?

In early March, Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix announced the end of their relationship after being together since 2013 when she first joined the show. It wasn't long before news broke that Sandoval cheating on Madix with their co-star, Raquel Leviss, is what truly derailed the relationship.

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Are Stassi and Katie still friends?

Katie is the godmother of Stassi's and Beau Clark's 2-year-old daughter, Hartford. Her proximity to the family is the reason she was one of the first to find out. Stassi was fired from Pump Rules in 2020. Yet she remained close friends with Katie.

Vanderpump rules season 9? (2023)
Did Tom and Ariana get furniture?

"I get it's not as funny as them not having furniture, but one of the reasons Tom & Ariana waited to order their custom pieces was so that we could shoot over 80 photo setups for #FancyAFCocktails in their house," Pellegrino, who also hosts the podcast Everything Iconic, tweeted during the show's season finale, along ...

What did Ariana see on Tom's phone?

Tom Sandoval laughed over how Ariana Madix found out about his affair with Raquel Leviss by seeing a sexually explicit video of her on his phone after it dropped out of his pocket.

What did Sandoval say to Ariana?

A screenshot of the convo showed Madix texted "You are DEAD TO ME," to which Leviss replied, "Ariana, I don't know what to say right now besides I really f--ked up and I am so so so sorry." Madix ended the correspondence with "Shut the f--k up you f--king RAT" before blocking her ex-BFF.

Is Tom Sandoval in a relationship?

Raquel Leviss (2022 – 2023) Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' affair started in August 2022.

Who is Jax with now?

Brittany, who moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles just weeks after meeting Jax, has been an incredible influence on the reformed bad boy. The pair were married in 2019 and welcomed their first son Cruz in 2021; between these milestones, they were let go from the Vanderpump Rules cast during a slew of firings.

Did Tom and Raquel sleep together?

Leviss later admitted that she and Sandoval had sex several times in Mexico. "I was like, 'We can't see each other. This isn't going to be a thing.'

Who owns Tom and Ariana's house?

Tom and Ariana purchased the house in 2019 for just over $2 million. As Vanderpump Rules viewers know, Tom took out a home-equity loan to finance his bar with Tom Schwartz, Schwartz & Sandy's.

Did Tom and Ariana hook up before?

Ariana Madix is done covering for her ex, Tom Sandoval. After years of speculation, the 37-year-old Vanderpump Rules star confirmed that Sandoval did hook up with "Miami Girl."

What did Ariana and Tom do with their house?

Tom Sandoval Refinanced the L.A. Home He Shares with Ex Ariana Madix to Open His Bar Before Cheating Scandal.

Has Schwartz and Sandy's opened yet?

Tom Schwartz Just Did Something He's Been “Fantasizing” About “For a Long Time” (VIDEO) Ever since Schwartz & Sandy's (finally!) opened in November 2022, Vanderpump Rules business partners Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have been celebrating their success at the cocktail lounge and restaurant.

Did Lisa Vanderpump invest in the sandwich shop?

Vanderpump Rules' Midseason Trailer Gives a Major Update on Katie & Ariana's Sandwich Shop. Although Lisa seems more than happy to offer Ariana and Katie advice as they work to open their business, she has no interest in being financially invested.

Did Katie and Ariana open something about her?

Madix tells PEOPLE that fans may not have to wait too long for an opportunity to visit Something About Her, the eatery she's opening with her Vanderpump Rules costar Katie Maloney.

How much of TomTom does Lisa own?

Raquel Leviss Addresses Her Situation with Tom Sandoval

It's been, like, a lot of head banging on my part.” Vanderpump Rules documented Lisa, Ken Todd, Sandoval, and Schwartz opening Tom Tom together in 2018, with the Toms each making a $50,000 investment for 5% of the business.

What are Jax and Brittany doing now for money?

He sells merch with his wife, Brittany, including apparel with their catchphrases “#1 Guy in the Group” and “Rawt in Hail”; they co-host the podcast When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany as well as a Vanderpump Rules watch-along special on Peacock; he filmed a pilot for a new reality series, House of Villains, which ...

Did Lisa invest in Schwartz and Sandy?

Although Sandoval and Schwartz didn't want Lisa financially involved in their new venture, they did ultimately end up taking back their initial Tom Tom investment from Lisa and Ken. “I gave them [the investment] back the week they opened [Schwartz & Sandy's] because they needed money,” Lisa explained.

How much does Tom Sandoval make?

Tom's Net Worth Is Reportedly $4 Million

At least according to Celebrity Net Worth, who notes this dude has been worked at SUR for more than a decade and is an original cast member on Vanderpump Rules—meaning he's been around for any/all salary negotiations. This content is imported from instagram.

Who is the richest person on Vanderpump Rules?

Lisa Vanderpump is the richest cast member of Vanderpump Rules, with an estimated net worth of $90 million. As such, this article will explore the net worth of each celebrity on the show.

Is Lisa Vanderpump a billionaire?

Lisa Vanderpump's net worth in 2023 is $90 million. Vanderpump is a businesswoman and a reality show actress who has starred in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, American Housewife, Seperate Lives, Baywatch Nights, The Comeback, and many others.

Do Katie and Tom have a baby?

Do Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have kids? During their time together, Katie and Tom expressed interest in starting a family but did not have any kids together.

Who is Katie's new boyfriend?

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney introduced her new beau, Satchel Clendenin, to her friends on a recent episode of the show, and it's time to learn more about him. After getting divorced from Tom Schwartz after 12 years together, Katie brought Satchel to Lala Kent's birthday dinner.

Is James still with Ally?

At the same time, Ally questions her relationship with James during a dinner in Mexico, where her boyfriend gets into an argument with Ariana Madix. However, as far as we can tell, James and Ally from Vanderpump Rules are still together and not bothered by any past drama.”

Did Raquel Leviss get work done?

Which Forms of Plastic Surgery Did Raquel Leviss Get? In the November 2021 episode, the California native opened up about why she wanted the cosmetic procedure in the first place. “I got a nose job,” the reality star said. “I've always been a little insecure about my nose.”

Does Raquel have a learning disability?

I know that I'm intelligent and, you know, having someone tell you that you're not smart or that you're dumb as rocks, it's like so beyond inappropriate," she recently told Entertainment Tonight. "It hits hard for me, too, because I have a learning disability."

What does Raquel have a degree in?

Leviss attended Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2018.


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